Welcome to my official website. This new project was born with the idea of collecting the most important information about my life-long creative activity, in a concise, easy to use way. I would like to thank, for their precious professional and personal input: Prof. Carlo Sini (Cattedrattico dei Lincei), Prof. Paride Maccafani (art expert), Prof. Luciano Balzan (University Professor), Maestro Boris Brollo (art critic), Maestro Milo Manara, Dr. Aldemar Shiffkorn, Mr. Piero Scarato (creative designer).

Drawing, painting and art history courses

Maestro Giorgio Scarato runs drawing, painting and art history courses.
The courses are for a limited, selected number of people, and take place in a studio next to the artist's atelier. During lessons pupils will learn and refine the expressive techniques of drawing, black and white and colour, exercising by copying and interpreting live model figures. The painting courses are tightly linked to the drawing courses. They include the learning of various techniques such as water colours, oil, pastel, acrilic and poster paint. The art history courses are intended for anyone who wants to learn or improve their knowledge about art history, particularly from the social point of view.

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